Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A life that never was

I dont remember when i was born,
I didnt know till it was too late,
To know what was left behind,
Was all too hard and unkind.

This sounds a tragedy,
But na, i'm not existent anymore,
To feel and live the tragedy,
Tragedy, again, it may sound.
Lest who's bothered about tragedy,
That affects none but this one, Who ceases to be alive.

My story sounds docile,
But, that makes the grind,
All too benign and quiescent.
Life's just a game,
And am a player gone.
Timed out, before i had a chance, T
o prove my worth, my salt

O' mother, listen to me,
I beg thee to be with me
Cried i.......

My pleas, fell on darkness
All too pervasive and cruel.
But hey, do i see a light.?
In the distance..?

I'm moving forth it, within the bottle,
Without myself.
Unsure about the lead.
Pray, to you, who brought me here,
And called me back, all too soon.

Isn't that bcz u love me more,
Than those left behind.?


Sashu said...

Pray, to you, who brought me here,
And called me back, all too soon.

Isn't that bcz u love me more,
Than those left behind.?

simply beautiful!!! a stunnin theme to write on! loved de way u did it,in all finesse!!!'

good one manu!!!! :)

vrinda said...

no words to say how muc this piece moved me....keep writing....

Itzme said...

creative and different...
i love it
keep writing
Aami chechi

crumbs said...

there is way too much hope in this poem...not that it's a bad thing :D


Very good writing.

Ammu said...

Brother..gr8 really thankful to u for making me thinking one more unnecessary thing...:)

but i think(see..again i started thinking...:D) this world, there should be atleast a few things on which a man can do nothing with his imaginations, power and knowledge.......:)

Anonymous said...

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